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Grant Report #8: The crypto projects haven’t been stopped the development by the pandemic — æternity crypto foundation half-year (2021) applications funding summary.

To continuously support its ecosystem, the æternity crypto foundation is pleased to announce its eighth round of grants. Thanks for the following applications’ contributions for the growth of the open-source platform.

1. Accounts monitoring tool for the exchanges: AeCanary

This tool is developed by the core maintenance developers Dimitar, Ulf, Dnicho and Sean. It tracks suspicious accounts for the exchanges. When the account is considered as suspicious one, the user of the tool can mark, monitor and trace it. It improves the exchanges security to a high level by monitoring the transactions and warning the 51% attack.

2. AeonNet dynamic derivative swap

This application focuses on the time locked, mixed oracle powered derivative contracts first ever implementing in the aeternity protocol. It also enhances the management of synthetic assets in aeternity blockchain. Cokul Alex is the application developer.

3. Logic qualified data types for Sophia

Sophia is a novel language in the world of smart contract languages. It offers static and strong type system with powerful inference algorithm, so despite being strict on the rules, the syntax is clearly readable and convenient to use. The application purpose is to extend its awesomeness even further by enhancing it with liquid types 3 which will allow more precise control over the processed data and apply assertions not only to the domains of the variables, but also to their values.

The extension will allow the compiler to perform additional reasoning on the data flow by disallowing constructions that would normally result in runtime errors — like negative spends or out-of-bounds list queries.

This application is the master thesis in computer science at the University of Warsaw of Radosław Rowicki.

4. Aepp store: Fast & easy aepp discovery

Aepp store includes a way for users to upvote the apps that are listed by sending small tips. These tips will be automatically shared with the builders with a smart contract that verifies they are in fact the cryptographically proven builders of the app. This application is applied by Zafer Ozsoy, from the U.S.

5. Say network Oracle service for aeternity

This project is an automatic provable Oracle service. It facilitates Dapp developers to integrate API data feeds on their smart contract with easy-to-use Say API library. Jeevanjot Singh is responsible for developing this project.

All the applications details can be found at the foundation forum.

At the same time, the core team is continuously working on the planned roadmap which improves stability of the network, performance or provide new tools to empower developers and node operators.



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